Beginning in 2013 with three quarries and a team of hardworking stone-cutters, Plan-B Stone Company has become the preferred supplier for many prominent Architects, Designers, the Catholic Church, and the wider building Industry.

Plan-B’s principal focus has been to offer a distinct point of product difference and to present to the Marketplace worn out by the over-consumption of synthetic and concrete copies, unlike our competitors we offer a  range of genuine natural sandstone products that have been produced, firstly by rejecting the constant ascendancy of the machine age, and by re-engaging with those long discarded traditional production methods of the distant past, gruelling and demanding production methods that require backbreaking hard work and the use of rudimentary hand tools and time-honoured techniques perfected over centuries.

By resurrecting the past and by adopting those demanding rudimentary production methods we are able to offer a legitimate point of difference here and do so in a way that no other rival company can and restore to the world those carefully refined and enduring hand hewn aesthetics of the past by simply re-implementing archaic production practices. We are proud of what we offer to the Marketplace and the Industry agrees that the resultant aesthetic outcomes are nothing short of visually outstanding.

By reinstating those aesthetics of the past we stand out in the Marketplace by offering only genuine hand chiseled sandstone products not seen in the Marketplace for over a century and Plan-B is the only company that offers you this enduring and imposing visual option born of exacting hard-fought technical refinement premised on the merits of antiquity and craftsmanship.